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Creating Your Page

Create your page in 3 easy steps:

You do not have to read this first page.  This page is simply to give you some tips on sending your photos.  If you are familiar with emailing /sending photos, you may skip this page and proceed to step 1
skip this page and proceed to step 1
Submitting Your Pics Helpful Tips:

We give you a little guidance here before sending in your pics. Some of you may be very well familiar with the process, were as some of you might be quite new to it all. Either way we lay out some details to better help you. These tips will benefit the final presentation of your page and its contents:

We aren't too picky about what type of pics (photos) we accept. Here are some tips to help you fit into the ButtJungle format.  The easiest way to do this is with digital cameras.

Try to make the quality of your pics at least average to high.
Regular and disposable cameras get the job done as well. We prefer higher quality pics of course, but do not hesitate to send your pics in if the quality didn't turn out that great. It does add an amateur effect which many members appreciate.
Web Cams Pics have become quite popular over the past few years.
Many people use them to take quick and simple photos. Although the usage of standard Web Cams to take pics has proliferated, be aware that the quality is not that high in most instances.  Many people are familiar with viewing and trading amateur Web Cam shots so we welcome them as well.
Submit all your pics in JPEG format
Other forms may work as well (BMPs, GIFs, EPSs,...)

You may submit as many pics as you wish..6,10,15,20...100. However many pics you decide to submit the majority of the pics must be of your butt. You must submit a minimum of 6 butt pics.
You must be a female to submit to this section
Your Pics don't have to be nude. We can edit your face out of your pics if you would like. If you choose not to have you face in the pic and are able to edit it yourself, please do so.
You must be at least 18 years of age to submit photos.

Are you ready, then lets get started ! Go to Step 1: